How to restore invalid imei

Hey guys whats up there? If you have put a new stock ROM onto your mobile and haven't take up the backup then you will see that there will be the invalid imei number written then what will you do? It will block up your phone sim and wont allow you to call anywhere and not for a particular sim but to all sim there. So in that situation what you need to do is very simple though the problem is complicated.  You need to download an app named as "chamelephon" from the playstore and install it. After installing  it, there you will have to fill up your imei number and if you don't know it then check out the imei number at the back of the battery. Only if the battery is non removal and if a battery is removal then you can see it after removing the battery note down it carefully. You have to fill up your imei in a correct  sequence order as per written imei 1 and imei 2. Finally after doing all this things apply on new imei. Then you need to just power off your phone and start

how to factory unlock iphone 5s

Whats up guys today i have come here with another exciting programme are you trying to factory unlock your iphone and dont know how to do it then heres a solution from which you can factory unlock your phone.first in this process you should lnow your imei number this are the numbers which are unique in all mobile this can be seen by dialing *#06# this will show up your  15 digit imei number .by this number we can view which phone is need to be unlocked then after that go to your pc and search for iphone os unlock and in that it will ask you to put your imei number,your model of the phone and the network from which it is run this is the basic of the phone.and click on the unlock and you will get the message of the unlocking of the phone then go to your itunes and connect your phone to the pc by the help of pc connector. And through the phone we can connect through the iphone there the message will be sent and you will have your phone unlocked.and it will view all your apps and other thi

How to root android devices without pc

Well dear friend are you wanting to root your android devices without pc then this will probably help you out first of all go the google or browser from there download the "king root" this is a application that allows the latest version of android devices quickly and it also requires less time due to its small the latest version which allows all the devices to root after then open the application run it and it will root your mobile after then after accomplishment it will show you in the form of message in the the application         In this way you can root up your phone.

How to speed up the android device

Are you fed up of your slow phone and want to speed up the device without using softwares then this is for all of you.First of all go to settings of the phone and scroll down to "about phone".and check the softwares updates once you have done then also your phone will be fast another way is your phone slow is because you are using a very high memory app that is run in the background.Similarpossible  all this apps can help you run your phone faster.and we also can do the another way which works in the way first go the setting then click on the build number as much time until you see developer mode.after then you can turn off all the transition scale that reduces all the possible limitations once you turn off all the animation scale you can have your phone really speed and you can also make your phone slower by tapping on different animation icons which really helps you out.

Huawei A199 custom rom

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